NYSUT DAYS at Darien Lake July 7th – 22nd !

YES! Send me _________ Darien Lake NYSUT tickets at $20.99 plus tax ( $21.39 each )

valid any one day July 7-22, 2018. All mail orders must be received by July 2, 2018.

A stamped, self-addressed business-sized envelope must be included to receive your tickets,

along with a check made payable to Darien Lake or credit card information


NAME: ___________________________________________________ School Name:________________________

ADDRESS: Phone: ( _____ ) _________________

CITY:__________________________________ State: ______ Zip:_______________ ___________


Credit Card Type: ______________ Credit Card #__________________________________security code__________

Exp date: _____________ Amount Enclosed: ____________ Signature: ___________________________

Mail your order with a self addressed envelope to:

Darien Lake, ATTN: NYSUT Days, PO Box 91, Darien Center, NY 14040

Or email groups@darienlake.com (Credit Card Orders Only)

Tickets are available the day of for $24.99 plus tax at any ticket window.

Easy and convenient order your tickets online with print and go.

Tickets just $20.99 plus tax

A savings of $29.00!

NEW in 2018! Experience the fury of the


With a 90-degree vertical lift that climbs nearly 100 feet straight up, a 97-degree beyond-vertical drop and a twisting track of loops and turns, TANTRUM keep you coming back for beyond vertical, straight up fun!

Easiest Deal: Use Print-N-Go! For $20.99 plus tax you can print your own Darien Lake NYSUT Day tickets from home:

Here’s how:

Log on to www.DarienLake.com •Enter promo code: NYSUT •Pay by credit card…then •Print-N-Go!